Oklahoma Environmental Services has a professional staff of environmental scientists, geologists, and technicians working to solve your environmental needs.

OES Phone Directory

Deanna Atkinson 7000 President
Melissa Brake 7001 Operations Manager
Cherise Bowen 7020 Accounting
Stephanie Riley 7003 Human Resources Manager & STOP Coordinator
Mike Bolz 7019 Project Manager
Kyle Blankenship 7004 Project Manager
Derek Zimmerman 7002 Project Manager
Tobey Heater 7009 Project Manager
Erica Henry 7007 Project Manager
Dona Crouch 7028 Project Manager
Ben Fick 7029 Environmental Site Assessment Manager
Terri Roberts 7025 Marketing Coordinator & Compliance Manager
Robert Lassiter   Compliance Testing Services Manager
Chris Cooper   Field Tech
Phillip Lewis   Field Tech
Tyler Herman   Field Tech
Christian Barker   Field Tech
Darryl Green   Field Tech
Brant Pulliam   Field Tech