Oklahoma Environmental Services' (OES) field staff has substantial experience operating and maintaining a wide variety of remediation systems at both private facilities and government installations such as: free product recovery systems, groundwater pump and treat systems, large and small scale air sparge and multi-phase extraction systems, in-situ bioremediation technologies, groundwater treatment facilities, and interceptor collection trenches. The scope of services provided by OES includes but is not limited to: full-time operation and maintenance of multiple groundwater extraction and treatment systems; performing troubleshooting and providing corrective and preventative maintenance of system equipment; collecting daily, monthly and quarterly performance samples; process and discharge sampling; monitoring well sampling and maintenance; coordinating off-site disposal of all process-derived wastes; custodial and site security activities; responding to alarms and/or outages 24 hours per day, 7 days per week; and submitting monthly and weekly reports/logs to clients.

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