When It’s Hot Outside…

Group accountability is necessary year-round, but we lean heavily on it in rough weather and tough times.

An Ode to Poison Ivy

poison ivy leaves

It is my intent to draw attention to the daily work life of techs and highlight some aspects that could easily be overlooked by folks who don’t venture outdoors professionally. I’d like to briefly discuss a hazard that doesn’t often get brought up, but that techs nonetheless deal with on the regular, and help make […]

Small Oklahoma Panhandle Town Water Supply Restored

water pouring from hose outlet

Oklahoma Environmental Services, Inc. (OES) was called in to implement a solution for the town of Hardesty. In response to the impacted aquifer OES began a large recovery and extraction operation of free phase product that has taken 15 months to free approximately 6,000 gallons from the ground. While the sub- surface soil and groundwater […]

Cherise Bowens Named Treasurer of Oklahoma Environmental Services

Oklahoma City, OK (June 5, 2020) – Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) has announced the promotion of Cherise Bowens to the position of Treasurer within the company.  She oversees finance and accounting operations for OES and serves as the secretary for its Board of Directors. “I am pleased to announce the promotion of Cherise Bowens to the […]