Small Oklahoma Panhandle Town Water Supply Restored

Oklahoma Environmental Services, Inc. (OES) was called in to implement a solution for the town of Hardesty. In response to the impacted aquifer OES began a large recovery and extraction operation of free phase product that has taken 15 months to free approximately 6,000 gallons from the ground.

While the sub- surface soil and groundwater around the affected well was being cleaned up, Project Manager Erica Henry and her team turned to replacing the impacted water well. They secured a site for the new well 3500 feet from the impacted well. OES partnered with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) and Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to complete comprehensive testing of the new site to ensure safe drinking water, and OES began construction.


The new well required a drilling depth of 400 feet below ground surface and the installation of 3,000 feet of new pipeline. Construction included a complicated network of fiber optics and other communication equipment so that well operations could be handled remotely. Monitoring equipment was installed to measure pipeline pumping capability, track fluid amounts, and to detect any air getting into the well system. The remote operational system was installed to meet DEQ standards.

Construction was completed on August 26, 2011. Groundwater testing was performed and DEQ allowed full operation of the new well on September 2, 2011.

Thanks to OES the water is flowing safely in Hardesty again.