Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) offers our clients direct push rig and well completion services. Our staff of experienced, licensed drillers has completed the installation and monitoring of wells for a wide variety of environmental concerns. We routinely conduct site delineation, site suitability analyses and soils investigations for the construction industry, environmental investigations, site contamination assessments and remediation studies. OES is also equipped and uniquely capable of obtaining discrete soil samples through flowing sands, unconsolidated soils and unstable media.

Oklahoma Environmental Services maintains a Diedrich D-50, Low Clearance, Self-Propelled Gas/Propane Powered Skid Rig in its inventory. The rig’s low profile and ability to be powered by propane make it ideal for advancing boreholes inside of buildings and other structures. The all purpose drill rig is used for soil and rock explorations using augers, rotary tools, or core drilling tools. It is capable of installing 2” or 4” wells, to a depth of 125 feet below ground surface using hollow stem augers.

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