Oklahoma Environmental Services’ (OES) experienced project management team assists clients in interfacing with regulatory entities.

Entities such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Corps of Engineers, Department of Agriculture, Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Transportation, Bureau of Land Management, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Our environmental consulting services are provided to interpret the rules, regulations and requirements of local, state and federal agencies. Learn more about our Government Contracting Services.

Environmental Consulting Firm

We are a multi-faceted environmental services and consulting firm, providing a complete range of environmental and compliance services by licensed professionals utilizing innovative technologies.

Oklahoma Environmental Services has the vision to be recognized and respected as the region’s most proactive environmental services provider. Our goal is to partner with public, private and government clients to identify and resolve their environmental needs.

Environmental consulting services can address issues such as:

  • environmental audit
  • environmental impact assessment
  • environmental management systems
  • land and water contamination
  • air quality assessment
  • waste management policies
  • legislative issues
  • communications with clients, inspectors and regulators
environmental consulting

environmental consulting

Environmental Site Assessment Services

Our staff has extensive experience working with the transacting parties to determine the appropriate scope of work needed. We focus on the best strategy and characterize and determine environmental risks.

All OES Environmental Site Assessments comply with the ASTM Phase I E 1527 standard. The standard was revised in accordance with EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Rule.

The investigation of environmental risks associated with a specific site may be part of the due diligence of a property transfer, or it can be in response to a suspected problem.

Oklahoma Environmental Services has experienced environmental staff that will assist the lender, buyer, or seller in performing a Transaction Screen, Phase I, or Phase II ESA.

Learn more about our Environmental Site Assessment Services