Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) offers oilfield services that include the remediation of petroleum and brine impacted soils and groundwater, reserve pit closures and soil farming. OES’s direct push rig enables the rapid delineation of contaminants associated with the oil exploration and production industry. We complete baseline pre-drilling sampling with rapid turn-around at well site area water wells for up-front purchase negotiation or environmental liability reviews. Our customers appreciate the OES tracking database customized for their projects with all applicable data and results in an easy to view one-place format.

Our experienced staff is knowledgeable in regulatory affairs and will complete permitting or required reporting including: NORM surveys; Air Emissions; Equipment Inventory and Greenhouse gas calculations; Redbud reporting; Tier II inventory; Flood Plain permitting; Salt Water Disposal; Injection Well permitting and reporting; Land Application and Waste Pits; and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans involving the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Bureau of Land Management, and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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