Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) received a patent, U.S. Patent No. 7,845,883, for OES’s in-situ (aka in place) method of washing contaminated soils with surfactant followed by the mobile dual phase, high vacuum extraction of both contaminated groundwater and volatilized petroleum hydrocarbons. Surfactant (biodegradable surface active agent) is injected into the impacted subsurface by OES to encapsulate the liquid hydrocarbons in the treatment area. The surfactant breaks the surface tension bond between the soil particle and the petroleum hydrocarbon, mobilizing the hydrocarbon so it can be recovered. OES’s patented recovery method provides a specialized process for contaminant extraction and removal. Their Guzzler® liquid ring vac rig delivers 28” Hg and 3790 CFM of airflow for maximum removal of subsurface liquids and vapors. OES also employs the use of powerful, yet safe, chemical oxidants to “polish” their patented clean-ups. Chemical oxidation creates a controlled chemical reaction that effectively destroys the targeted contaminant. The chemical reaction produces oxygen providing for a seamless transition from in-situ chemical oxidation to enhanced aerobic bioremediation.

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