Developing cost-effective solutions to clean up contaminated sites requires experience and creativity. By exploring all practical alternatives, Oklahoma Environmental Services’ (OES) technical staff provides strategies which place our clients’ interests first. Our team has an established record of performance and is recognized for innovative approaches to the remediation of chemically impacted soil and groundwater. OES’s approaches include in-situ surfactant-enhanced remediation, pump-and-treat remediation, mechanical air-sparge and soil vapor extraction systems, free product removal systems, microbial degradation, and excavation and disposal of impacted material. We are a regional authorized distributor for Magnum Spillbuster, an automatic recovery system that efficiently removes free-phase LNAPLS and DNAPLS as thick as #6 oils from groundwater aquifers while leaving the water behind. Ask about this successful, cost savings approach to product recovery!

OES evaluates each site cleanup according to such factors as site location, surface cover, lithology, contaminant load, target clean up goals, and ultimate cost. The selection of a remedial technique is based on a final analysis of cost versus successful application.

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