This month I’d like to address more concerns from a field technician’s perspective that might otherwise go unknown by folks not of the outdoorly employed persuasion. Namely BEES! Okay, so not solely bees in particular, they just happen to have a pithier name that’s more fun to yell. Specifically I’d like to address all creatures […]

July’s Posting

Oklahoma Environmental Services team in matching shirts and hats smiling next to equipment and vehicles

Group accountability is necessary year-round, but we lean heavily on it in rough weather and tough times.

June’s Posting

excavator with drilling bit

Everybody worked in unison to make what could have been a chore of a job a success

May’s Posting

poison ivy leaves

It is my intent to draw attention to the daily work life of techs and highlight some aspects that could easily be overlooked by folks who don’t venture outdoors professionally. I’d like to briefly discuss a hazard that doesn’t often get brought up, but that techs nonetheless deal with on the regular, and help make […]