Environmental Consulting

Oklahoma Environmental Services’ (OES) experienced project management team assists clients in interfacing with regulatory entities such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Corps of Engineers, Department of Agriculture, Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Transportation, Bureau of Land Management, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Consulting services are provided to interpret the rules, regulations and requirements of local, state and federal agencies.

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Mobile Dual-Phase Vacuum Extraction

Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) conducts Mobile Dual-phase extraction (MDPE), also known as multi-phase extraction, or vacuum-enhanced extraction, events to remove various combinations of contaminated ground water, separate-phase petroleum product, and hydrocarbon vapor from the subsurface. MDPE is a technology that uses a high vacuum system to extract liquids and vapor from the subsurface which are then treated and collected for disposal, or re-injected to the subsurface (where permissible under applicable state laws). OES’s Guzzler® ACE® can handle the full spectrum of wet and dry material. It will remove fuel, water, or sediment from tanks and tank pits and it’s very effective for dewatering, hydrocarbon removal and remediation. Day in and day out, no other design delivers the productivity achieved with OES and The Guzzler®.

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Petroleum Storage Tank & Equipment Testing Services

Oklahoma Environmental Services’ (OES) technicians have more than thirty (30) years of experience with petroleum storage tank services including installations, removals, repairs, testing and corrosion protection. Let OES assist you and ensure your facility remains well-maintained and ready for an annual OCC inspection. We offer services statewide, as well as regionally. Call us at 888.584.3386 to schedule a compliance audit, tank tightness test, line tightness test, line leak detector test, function test of sensors and leak detectors, or a three year cathodic protection recertification.

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Excavation & Tank Removal

Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) is a full service excavation and tank removal company which utilizes a network of contractors to provide cost effective excavation services and tank removals. OES’s experience ranges from the management of small scale “dig and haul” remediation projects to larger scale projects which require onsite soil blending and land farming. OES services also include removal of storage tanks as regulated by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC). The OCC requires oversight of licensed individuals for line removals, certain types of line repair, and tank removals. OES staff are licensed by the OCC for the removal of underground storage tanks, as well as, licensed remediation consultants. OES manages the process which includes regulatory interaction, oversight of the removal, required soil/groundwater sample collection, and submission of the required reports to ensure compliance.

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Operation & Maintenance

Oklahoma Environmental Services’ (OES) field staff has substantial experience operating and maintaining a wide variety of remediation systems at both private facilities and government installations such as: free product recovery systems, groundwater pump and treat systems, large and small scale air sparge and multi-phase extraction systems, in-situ bioremediation technologies, groundwater treatment facilities, and interceptor collection trenches. The scope of services provided by OES includes but is not limited to: full-time operation and maintenance of multiple groundwater extraction and treatment systems; performing troubleshooting and providing corrective and preventative maintenance of system equipment; collecting daily, monthly and quarterly performance samples; process and discharge sampling; monitoring well sampling and maintenance; coordinating off-site disposal of all process-derived wastes; custodial and site security activities; responding to alarms and/or outages 24 hours per day, 7 days per week; and submitting monthly and weekly reports/logs to clients.

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Drilling Services

Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) offers our clients direct push rig and well completion services. Our staff of experienced, licensed drillers has completed the installation and monitoring of wells for a wide variety of environmental concerns. We routinely conduct site delineation, site suitability analyses and soils investigations for the construction industry, environmental investigations, site contamination assessments and remediation studies. OES is also equipped and uniquely capable of obtaining discrete soil samples through flowing sands, unconsolidated soils and unstable media.

Oklahoma Environmental Services maintains a Diedrich D-50, Low Clearance, Self-Propelled Gas/Propane Powered Skid Rig in its inventory. The rig’s low profile and ability to be powered by propane make it ideal for advancing boreholes inside of buildings and other structures. The all purpose drill rig is used for soil and rock explorations using augers, rotary tools, or core drilling tools. It is capable of installing 2” or 4” wells, to a depth of 125 feet below ground surface using hollow stem augers.

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Field Sampling

Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) offers comprehensive sampling services for environmental investigations, groundwater quality and soils sampling in support of environmental monitoring programs, geotechnical studies and foundation analyses. All field personnel follow established ASTM and Standard Methods sampling protocol. Sampling personnel are OSHA 40-hour trained and placed in medical monitoring for work on hazardous waste projects.

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Oilfield Services

Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) offers oilfield services that include the remediation of petroleum and brine impacted soils and groundwater, reserve pit closures and soil farming. OES’s direct push rig enables the rapid delineation of contaminants associated with the oil exploration and production industry. We complete baseline pre-drilling sampling with rapid turn-around at well site area water wells for up-front purchase negotiation or environmental liability reviews. Our customers appreciate the OES tracking database customized for their projects with all applicable data and results in an easy to view one-place format.

Our experienced staff is knowledgeable in regulatory affairs and will complete permitting or required reporting including: NORM surveys; Air Emissions; Equipment Inventory and Greenhouse gas calculations; Redbud reporting; Tier II inventory; Flood Plain permitting; Salt Water Disposal; Injection Well permitting and reporting; Land Application and Waste Pits; and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans involving the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Bureau of Land Management, and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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Soil & Groundwater Remediation

Developing cost-effective solutions to clean up contaminated sites requires experience and creativity. By exploring all practical alternatives, Oklahoma Environmental Services’ (OES) technical staff provides strategies which place our clients’ interests first. Our team has an established record of performance and is recognized for innovative approaches to the remediation of chemically impacted soil and groundwater. OES’s approaches include in-situ surfactant-enhanced remediation, pump-and-treat remediation, mechanical air-sparge and soil vapor extraction systems, free product removal systems, microbial degradation, and excavation and disposal of impacted material. We are a regional authorized distributor for Magnum Spillbuster, an automatic recovery system that efficiently removes free-phase LNAPLS and DNAPLS as thick as #6 oils from groundwater aquifers while leaving the water behind. Ask about this successful, cost savings approach to product recovery!

OES evaluates each site cleanup according to such factors as site location, surface cover, lithology, contaminant load, target clean up goals, and ultimate cost. The selection of a remedial technique is based on a final analysis of cost versus successful application.

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Patented In-Situ Method

Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) received a patent, U.S. Patent No. 7,845,883, for OES’s in-situ (aka in place) method of washing contaminated soils with surfactant followed by the mobile dual phase, high vacuum extraction of both contaminated groundwater and volatilized petroleum hydrocarbons. Surfactant (biodegradable surface active agent) is injected into the impacted subsurface by OES to encapsulate the liquid hydrocarbons in the treatment area. The surfactant breaks the surface tension bond between the soil particle and the petroleum hydrocarbon, mobilizing the hydrocarbon so it can be recovered. OES’s patented recovery method provides a specialized process for contaminant extraction and removal. Their Guzzler® liquid ring vac rig delivers 28” Hg and 3790 CFM of airflow for maximum removal of subsurface liquids and vapors. OES also employs the use of powerful, yet safe, chemical oxidants to “polish” their patented clean-ups. Chemical oxidation creates a controlled chemical reaction that effectively destroys the targeted contaminant. The chemical reaction produces oxygen providing for a seamless transition from in-situ chemical oxidation to enhanced aerobic bioremediation.

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Water Resource Consulting

Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) assistance to wastewater plant operations of any size addresses technical concerns for various process controls, and permit compliance assistance that considers sampling frequencies, sample locations, and future sampling plans. We can make and implement recommendations for improvements to keep your plant within facility permit requirements.

OES staff has experience with non-community, non-transient, and community public water systems. In order to comply with Safe Drinking Water Act regulations, we can quickly evaluate sampling frequency, which sample analyses are appropriate, and work with the state agency to identify steps to return to and maintain compliance. We can also create Consumer Confidence Reports and assist with other reporting requirements.

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Computer-Aided Design and Drafting

OES has experienced staff proficient in a variety of computer aided-design and drafting services. These services include but are not limited to: Architectural and Structural Plans, Utility Relocation and Extension Plans, Aerial and Topographic Mapping, and Industrial Mechanical Drawings. OES staff also has ample experience with the geographical information system (GIS), and they are fluent in the Adobe products (Photoshop. InDesign, and Acrobat).

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Storage Tank Oversight Program

STORAGE TANK OVERSIGHT PROGRAM (STOP) and Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)

Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) offers oversight of storage tank systems. Federal and state laws require that petroleum storage tank systems employ some manner of release detection. Our program incorporates prompt direct communication with our clients in review of Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) and Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) reporting, available 24 hours a day from our website. We provide on-site Groundwater Monitoring or Vapor monitoring of observation wells for tank release detection, monitor cathodic protection system readings, and provide three year cathodic protection recertifications. We have licensed professionals to assist our customers in understanding their tanks systems, providing operator training, working with state agencies to remedy violations quickly, and to achieve and maintain operational compliance. We perform on-site facility audits of equipment and a records review always keeping in mind potential State Fund eligibility requirements.

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Environmental Site Assessments

The investigation of environmental risks associated with a specific site may be part of the due diligence of a property transfer, or it can be in response to a suspected problem. OES’s experienced environmental staff will assist the lender, buyer, or seller in performing a Transaction Screen, Phase I, or Phase II ESA. Our staff has extensive experience working with the transacting parties to determine the appropriate scope of work to characterize and determine environmental risk. All OES Environmental Site Assessments comply with the ASTM Phase I E 1527 standard which was revised in accordance with EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Rule.

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Asbestos Survey

Oklahoma Environmental Services (OES) offers comprehensive services for the identification and management of asbestos containing materials. OES personnel are licensed under the Oklahoma Department of Labor to provide asbestos inspections in general accordance with EPA regulation 40 CFR 763, the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) for the identification of asbestos containing materials for National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) required demolition surveys, remodels, or for property transactions.

The asbestos NESHAP requires that potentially regulated asbestos-containing building materials be identified, classified and quantified prior to planned disturbances or demolition activities. OES personnel are trained to develop operation and maintenance (O&M) plans for the management in place of asbestos containing materials. O&M plans are developed for the purpose of minimizing and/or eliminating the possibility of exposure to airborne asbestos fibers which allows identified asbestos containing materials to remain in place to minimize the cost of a full asbestos abatement.

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